Themed Exhibition at Holt

Bob Brandt’s ‘themed’ exhibitions of paintings in The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt continues from today 2nd March with a change of style as well as a change of subject matter. This will be a display of acrylic sketches which Bob produces either as demonstration pieces or trial runs for his ‘studio’ oil paintings.

These paintings are produced quickly on heavyweight sugar paper, using sponges and brushes, with no preparatory drawing. Bob says that he finds the freedom of working in this loose way exciting and liberating. Each sketch is usually finished within about twenty minutes and working at that speed produces ‘happy accidents’ which are always kept as part of the picture.

Bob finds that it is only possible for his to work so rapidly if he keeps his eye in by attending regular life classes at which he uses the same painting method. Many life studies have to be completed in a very short time – perhaps as little as five minutes, and Bob says there is no exercise like it.

This very different exhibition will be on for at least the next four weeks.

The paintings are attractively priced at only £195 each.”