How To Become a Member

East Anglia has been the home for many artists of both national and international acclaim. John Constable, John Sell Cotman and, more recently, Edward Seago and Sir Alfred Munnings, are among the best well-known. So it is perhaps, surprising, that until now, the fine artists of the region have not been represented by a single, dedicated society. The formation of the IEA seeks to remedy that omission, with the sole aim of raising the profile of fine arts in the area.

Under the patronage of Norman Lamb MP and the leadership of Brian Ryder and his team, the IEA aims to become one of the nation’s most distinctively recognised societies. With its flagship event being its Annual Open Exhibition, the IEA organises a programme of events, including exhibitions for its Members and other events open to all-comers. Many of its Members and supporters are individually involved in teaching painting and graphics through classes, master classes and workshops.

Because the IEA seeks to establish, support and maintain a high standard of technical and artistic excellence, election to Membership is necessarily a challenging process. Seeking Membership starts with submitting work to the Annual Open Exhibition, selection for which is governed by a Selection Committee composed of both Members and independent experts. Those artists who have had work selected for exhibition on more than one successive occasion may be considered by the Council of IEA for election to Provisional Membership. Provisional Members who continue to have their work selected may, in the following years, be elected by the Council to Associate and finally Full membership of the IEA.

If you are an enthusiastic artist we would strongly invite you to submit your work to the next Annual Open Exhibition.

Annual Open Exhibition

We look forward to seeing you.