Pauline Sexton IEA


Pauline was born on a farm in the Breckland area of Norfolk, and from a young age always having a creative passion. She is heavily influenced by the beauty of rural Norfolk, the wildlife and countryside that surrounds her. Mainly self-taught with the aid of books/video and taken evening and home study classes in Art and photography to further develop her ability.

She now lives in the small hamlet of Stacksford in rural Norfolk with her husband and two dogs where they have been constantly busy the last few years renovating a derelict farmhouse/barn and working in a family business – art is still very much her way to escape all the daily stress!!

Her preferred medium is soft pastels, she loves that it is so tactile, forgiving and gives such an instant vibrant effect. Painting is all about being consumed by the atmosphere of the subject and trying to capture theĀ emotion of nature & colours.