Liz Balkwill IEA


Liz Balkwill graduated from Norwich School of Art in 1980. She has been working as a professional portrait painter for the past 15 years and is well known in Norfolk as a tutor and demonstrator.  Liz travels to the United States regularly and has been fortunate to receive instruction from some of the top American oil painters and pastel artists working today, namely: Daniel Greene, Nelson Shanks, Michael Grimaldi, Robert Liberace and Sally Strand.

Liz enjoys painting the figure: capturing gesture and using colour to evoke mood. She has also been gaining a steady reputation as a painter of still-life, receiving recognition particularly for her pastel work. Since 2012,  she has been an active member of the ‘Daily Painting’ movement.  Like many artists, she is interested in capturing the way that light and shadow transforms everyday objects from the mundane to the beautiful.

Liz has painted a number of notable portrait commissions and has exhibited at the Mall Galleries with the ROI, SWA, AFAS and the Pastel Society. She won the Frank Herring Easel Award at the ROI (2012), the Unison Pastel Award at the Pastel Society (2013), the Society Prize for painting at the AFAS (2013), and has recently published in the Artist & Illustrators magazine.  Liz is represented by Mandells Gallery, Norwich, Westcliffe Gallery, Sheringham and Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London.

Liz was made an associated member of IEA in 2013.


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