Kimberley Walker FIEA


Born in Norfolk, Kimberley is a self-taught artist living in the Norfolk countryside which has been the main inspiration for her artwork. Kimberley’s appreciation for country life is reflected in her paintings of wildlife, flowers, game birds and farm animals.
Watercolour is Kimberley’s favourite medium and she demonstrates a sensitive response to colour with a fascination for depicting textures such as fur, feathers and delicate petals. Whilst working at the John Innes Institute in Norwich, Kimberley was influenced by the special collection of old botanical illustrations, and it was here that she began her study of plants. Kimberley moved to America to work at the University of Missouri, where she completed scientific and botanical illustrations for a number of books, papers & scientific journals. Returning to the UK, she worked at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge where she worked on medical illustrations. Kimberley is a full member of the IEA and won the 2013 prize for outstanding artwork in the Institute’s March exhibition.