Hollie Betts IEA (prov)




Hollie writes…..
“I want to use contemporary art as a medium to reconsider our relationship with nature. My work aims to overwhelm the viewer with plants in an age where humans control the natural ecosystems, meanwhile exploring the ties between technology and the environment. I have been analysing the changing role of house plants and their representation in contemporary art with painting. I have been exploring how vibrant pieces of work could stimulate a fascination for plants in younger generations, where social media is a key medium for spreading information. My work explores the theory of plant blindness, where any reflection of our fragile connection to the planet’s ecosystems is valuable in the current climate of environmental change. I am also interested in the changing representation of house plants, how they have become a fashion statement, and the effect this has on them connecting us to nature. The exposure of plants I aim to bring through painting is the first step in bringing us closer to nature and creating strong bonds with the natural world”
Hollie is currently studying Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and comes from North Norfolk. She has previously been selected for the Norfolk Art and Design Competition exhibition (2019), travelling between 6 Norfolk galleries, also receiving Highly Commended. Her piece ‘Relationship with Nature’ was awarded Highly Commended in the Young Creative Awards in Nottingham 2021 (19-24 category). More recently, she was selected for the 2021 IEA Annual Exhibition, receiving the President’s Prize and being promoted to a Provisional Member.