Geoff Goddard IEA


Geoff is an artist based in Cambridgeshire. After working in industry for 10 years, he retrained as a teacher, eventually attaining the position as Head of Visual Arts in a Secondary School in St Neots. Since retiring from teaching, he has focused even more on his art. 

The Pre-Raphaelites era and many contemporary figurative artists have influenced much of his work. He likes to explore a range of styles and techniques but there is always a human element in his work, whether through digital, drawing or painting. Ranging from the conventional portrait or layered image to a more narrative approach the main purpose is to create art that has beauty, requires investigation and generates an emotive response. Realism is fundamental to all his work and he revels in details and subtle changes in colour and tone. 

Throughout all of this work is the need to occasionally take time to paint a simple portrait which helps to refine skills and visualise a character.