David Harrison IEA


David was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He studied at the Norwich School of Art and has been painting and drawing for approximately 40 years.

His paintings are made on canvas or board in oils or acrylics. His painting ‘Bathers’ is a mixed media painting on canvas using a combination of textured and fine tissue paper, acrylic and acrylic ink. This took approximately a month to finish and was based on a charcoal drawing he produced.

This process is quite lengthy because the finished painting is usually based on drawings that can take a month or more to produce. He enjoys painting landscapes en plein air and his method is to visit the same location over two or three days at the same time each day, usually early morning or late afternoon. He also enjoys painting in gouache, ‘a corner of a field  June ‘ In this painting he has tried to evoke a warm sunny afternoon, using contrasting complementary colours. He loves drawing, especially with charcoal and graphite; for there is such a wide range of mark-making that can be produced. His drawings are often conceived in a fleeting moment but then take time to unfold.  He supplements the open-air research with sketches, photographs and memory. He aims to create a sense of light, atmosphere and texture in his work.

David has recently been selected in a national competition to show his drawing, ‘September morning by the Rialto Bridge’ at Patching’s gallery Nottingham. He is a member of S.E.A.W.