Brian Ryder ROI, FIEA


Brian was drawing and painting bits and bobs at the time and eventually gave up working in Central London and joined an Architects Local Authority office in North London where he lived, to work on housing and stayed for a further eleven years.

Whilst working in London he joined their “Art Club” and in two years became their chairman. It was here that he started painting more and was “discovered” by a Venetian Art Promoter, living in London who asked Brian to exhibit in London, Glasgow, Barcelona and Malta amongst other places. He went with her, armed with his work, to the Venice Biennale and gained a medal at the Grolla D’oro exhibition.

Brian then left the London area after several mixed exhibitions and moved to North Norfolk in 1987 and worked in Norwich for private Architects until 1984. During this time he was teaching and exhibiting paintings at the same time and when Architecture became computerised decided to paint and teach full time.

Many things have happened over the past few years and having taught for many years in Britain and Europe and painted for many exhibitions he gave up tuition generally in 2011 and now just paints full time. During the past fifteen years, Brian has also written three books and filmed six DVDs.  After visiting the ROI exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London he submitted four paintings in 2009, with all being accepted and hung. Brian has submitted work every year since and have never had a painting rejected. Brian was elected a full member two years ago and now serves on the Council.

Adrian Hill (The Gallery, Holt) and Brian got together in 2011 and subsequently formed the IEA.

Brian has exhibited at many galleries over the years including, Church Gallery (London), Ringstead Gallery, Thompsons Gallery, Kendalls (IOW), The Hunter Gallery, The Flint Gallery, Adrian Hill Fine Art and The Mall Galleries (London).  His work also hangs in galleries in USA, France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Private collections.

Brian was awarded Fellowship of the IEA in October 2017.