IEA/ROI Workshop Event – Great Success!

Bob Brandt reports on last weekend’s workshop with ROI / IEA tutors…..
“Because of changeable and very windy weather this sell-out professional tutoring day turned out to be a ‘two-centre’ event. We started on the quay at Morston, with some group members making reference sketches and others starting determinedly to paint directly in oils.
From mid-morning until lunch-time most of the group moved to Langham village hall, where David Curtis gave a one and a half hour demonstration, using his own watercolour of ships lying at Pin Mill as the reference for a larger oil version.
Among other points he made were that reference should be used to allow the artist to recall the experience of having been at a particular time and place, rather than an image to be slavishly copied. He showed how diluted oil paints could be scrubbed rapidly onto the prepared ground, with high-lit areas being lifted out with a soft rag before further blocking in. Keeping the painted surface loose and mobile, he developed detail by cutting one colour into another to refine shapes and tonal balances.
The group then returned to Morston where,despite the brisk wind, the day remained dry. Work of a great variety and high quality was produced, with occasional supporting and instructive comments being made by the attending tutors from the IEA and ROI.
Despite sometimes difficult conditions, all declared this to be a very successful day, which can hopefully be repeated in the years to come.”