IEA President’s Exhibition at The Gallery (Picturecraft, Holt)

IEA President’s Exhibition at The Gallery Picturecraft in Holt, 16 June to 1 July

Bob writes:

It is hugely exciting to be preparing for a one-man show again after a gap of nearly thirty years. In my

early days as a professional painters I organised several one-man and shared exhibitions in Bristol and

the West Country but then found it easier and more rewarding to show and sell my work through


This exhibition, to celebrate my year as President of the IEA, has prompted a spurt of artistic activity,

with the intention that I will be able to show a collection of both my latest work as well as a few older favourites.

With time fast running out I have just completed two paintings based on a trip to London last summer with my youngest daughter, one of a famous pub which prides itself on having two Pre-Raphaelite paintings on one wall (hard to see because covered in glass) and the other of a small park where enthusiasts meet to play endless games of chess.