IEA @ Bury St Edmunds

Bob Brandt, IEA President reports……
“56 paintings by Full and Associate Members of the IEA are now on show in the spacious gallery on the first floor of the Apex Theatre in Bury St Edmunds. The theatre is sited in the centre of the bustling Arc Shopping Centre.
When I was there, helping to put up the exhibition, the adjacent square was crowded with families queuing to greet the Easter Bunny, who had magically appeared quite a few weeks ahead of that particular holiday to distribute rabbit ears and real carrots to those lucky girls who had survived the wait in the biting cold – I didn’t see any boys with ears.
The Apex theatre is an impressive development which obviously caters for a wide range of community activities. The auditorium can hold an audience of more than 500 people but there are also displays and working areas.
While we were putting up the paintings, a chess club met near us to compete, and a group of elegant ladies battled over a game of Scrabble. During shows, the first floor acts as a bar area.
This is really an exciting and stimulating place to visit – so if you happen to be in the area please drop in and see the exhibition. The mixture of subjects and styles works well and is a real credit to the IEA and its members.
The exhibition ends on 11th March.  It is best to park in the adjacent Cattle Market car-park.
Now – where’s that bunny gone!”