Courier Service

Dedicated Artwork Courier Service between Holt and The Mall Galleries

South Hams Express Courier Service

In partnership with The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt and South Hams Express Courier Service, the IEA is pleased to be able to offer an affordable transport service for artworks between the South Hams Pick-up Point at The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt NR25 6HS and any of the main exhibitions held in The Mall Galleries in London. 

South Hams Express are couriers approved by The Mall Galleries. They will be collecting work from Holt on specific days. To allow artists flexibility, storage in Holt will be handled by The Gallery, Picturecraft. 

If you wish to use this service simply:

1) Deliver your works to The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt by or before the deadline date for the relevant exhibition. These dates will be published on this page.

2) Cover your work with a single layer of bubble-wrap. No additional wrapping is required.

3) On delivery, pay The Gallery the relevant delivery costs (see ‘The Charges’ below).

4) Leave everything else to the service. The Gallery will pass on to South Hams Express a full list of the works they are to collect from The Gallery and deliver to The Mall Galleries – including yours! South Hams Express will keep in touch with The Mall Galleries, and if your works are not finally selected they will collect them for return to Holt. You will not have to organise this. Similarly, if your works are accepted and included in the exhibition but not sold, South Hams Express will collect them for you and return them to Holt. Again, you will not have to organise this.

5) If for some reason you DO NOT want South Hams Express to collect and return any work of yours which has either not been finally selected OR accepted and shown but not sold THEN you will have to let The Gallery in Holt know so they can pass on your instructions to South Hams Express.

6) You will not need to contact South Hams Express directly at any stage. They are busy carriers and cannot respond promptly to any direct messages by phone or email.

7) The Gallery will contact you when your works have been returned to Holt. Please then collect them from The Gallery as soon as you can as their storage space is limited.

8) When you collect your returned works, pay The Gallery for the return carriage.

It’s as easy as that!

The charges:

Payment may be made to The Gallery by cash, cheque or any of the major credit cards.

Artists who are not Members or Friends of the IEA: £32 for the first work, plus £15.20 for each additional work.

Any Member of the IEA (Full, Associate or Provisional) or any Friend of the IEA: £30 for the first work, plus £13.20 for each additional work.

The benefits of using this service are:

1) You will only need to wrap each work in a single layer of bubble-wrap and label it on the outside with your name and the title of the work. Each work will, of course, have to be labelled in accordance with the rules of The Mall Galleries. All further wrapping and unwrapping will be done for you.

2) Your works will be insured at all times against loss in storage or transit. Unfortunately, although the carriers and The Gallery will exercise reasonable care when handling your work, damage cannot be covered. Note: you are advised to check the conditions of entry of any gallery to which you are sending work because most will not accept liability for loss or damage. You may therefore wish to take out your own insurance.

3) Once you have delivered your works to The Gallery you can leave everything else to the service. You will not have to make separate arrangements for any un-selected or unsold works to be returned to Holt – this will happen automatically UNLESS you contact The Gallery to tell them that you DO NOT want your works to be brought back.

2021 Schedule – Collection Deadlines

Please contact The Gallery (01263 711040) direct for confirmation of dates.

ROI – Anyone needing to send paintings to the ROI needs to have them delivered to The Gallery before 29th September 2021


UPDATED –  Sept ’21

Works to be taken to London must be delivered, labelled as required, to The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt NR25 6HS as stipulated above, between 10 am and 4 pm, paying the relevant charges as set out above.

Please note that this service is available to you whether or not you are a member of the IEA.