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Monday 25 April 2022

Yellow Cornish & Oranges

"A Pint of Shrimps" is set to be a big catch at The Holt Festival

The exhibition ‘A Pint of Shrimps’ is a long-overdue first involvement in the Holt Festival for The Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA). Following on from the IEA’s highly successful exhibition at The Hostry Norwich Cathedral in February ‘A Pint of Shrimps’ will be an upbeat and uplifting exhibition showcasing the work of 5 popular IEA members.

As the exhibition title suggests the theme is cheerful and colourful, just what the Doctor ordered in troubled times. On show will be the carefully considered and beautifully rendered coastal scenes by Co-Founder of the IEA Bob Brandt, the painterly iconic oilskin clad fishermen by the Institute’s President Jane Hodgson, Rosemary Carruthers's "Huumerous" paintings inspired observations of amusing situations in everyday life, Pauline Sexton's serene coastal landscapes in pastels and Nicholas Elliott’s dynamic contemporary Still Life’s. Blimey, there’s something for everyone – what’s not to like?

Showcasing works by five popular IEA Members

Lockdown Harvet

Jane Hodgson, IEA President explained..

“This is one of the many regional exhibitions that the IEA is organising to raise its profile across East Anglia and beyond. We were delighted with the public response to our Exhibition at The Hostry where visitors were so complimentary about the standard of our (the IEA) work. I feel that we've been hiding our light under a bushel so to have our work showcased in a prestigious event as the Holt Festival is another great opportunity to show everyone what we are about. We have a super collection of varied work in this exhibition and I am confident that visitors will not be disappointed”
Paul & Jono


Anwen & John Hurt Exhibition Space,
The Venue Holt,
Kerridge Way,
Holt. NR25 6DN
Moored Up


Saturday July 23 to Sunday August 7
10am – 5pm
Dune shadows, wells 40x40cm pastel

Media Contact:

Nicholas Elliott
IEA Vice President

Tel: 07914 778836


1. Cornish Yellow & Oranges - Nicholas Elliott
2. Lockdown Harvest - Rosemary Carruthers
3. Paul & Jono - Jane Hodgson
4. Moored up - Bob Brandt
5. Dune Shadows - Pauline Sexton

Further information, copy and images can be obtained from our Media Contact.
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