As explained on the Annual Open Exhibition page, the IEA’s Annual Open Exhibition is the event on which the operation of the Institute is based.

It is held in the autumn of each year in The Gallery, Holt, North Norfolk and works for selection may be submitted by anyone who lives in the region of East Anglia.

The paintings to be displayed are chosen, from all those submitted, by a Selection Panel which includes independent experts in the world of art as well as members of the Institute.  Selection is based exclusively on the artistic merits of the work in the opinion of the Selection Panel, whose decision is final.

Artists who have their work selected on more than one occasion may be considered by the Council of the IEA to be offered Provisional Membership, and those Provisional Members who continue to submit to and be selected for future exhibitions may be offered Associate Membership.  In turn, Associate Members who continue to submit their work and be selected may be offered Full Membership of the IEA.

By this rigorous selection process, only artists of outstanding ability will eventually become Full Members, an appointment of which they may feel to be justly proud.