Wayne Ford AIEA


October 2018: Wayne Ford has been promoted to Associate Membership after his submissions to this year’s Open Exhibition.




I have been a professional Illustrator all my working life, during that time I have worked for some of the largest publishing houses in London and New York.

I have Illustrated over 50 books and been involved in many interesting and varied projects within the advertising industry.

My work covers many genres painted mainly in watercolour,although I do enjoy venturing into the realms of Abstract art by way of a change from my usual highly detailed work.

In 2015 I entered my first IEA open exhibition and was very honoured to win the Presidents prize and have one entry accepted for the show. In 2016 I had two entries accepted, in 2017 I had two entries accepted along with my appointment as IEA provisional member and in 2018 I was promoted to Associate Member.

I am currently working on various pieces for exhibitions in 2019.  Dates and details will be added later along with any news of forthcoming events.



Wayne Ford AIEA


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