Jennifer Spencer IEA(prov)


Jennifer has lived in Norfolk since 1977. She has always enjoyed looking at other people’s artwork,especially Botanical, but it never crossed her mind that one day she would paint pictures herself.

In 2004 she had the opportunity to go on a three day course to learn how to paint flowers.  With paints, paper and brushes bought she drove to the class wondering what on earth she was thinking of, she hadn’t done any drawing or painting since she left School.  After three days she was hooked!

Still working full time she found that it was very relaxing to sit and paint at the weekends.  Still wanting to learn more and to become a Botanical Artist she applied to take a ‘Society of Botanical Art’ diploma in 2009.  Although very demanding and lots of hours work she enjoyed herself and learnt new skills to help her artwork and achieved her Diploma.  She still enjoys taking courses and working alongside other Botanical Artists and to pass on some of her skills to other people.

Page Updated – November 2016

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