Friends of the IEA

We are delighted to announce that the IEA Friends Group has now been launched.

We have been planning for some time to form this Group to create a link between the Institute and people who share our aim of supporting artists living in the East Anglian region, and encouraging interest in the arts generally. Many art-lovers have been asking us to form such a group, including more than half of those who visited our Annual Open Exhibition in the Gallery Picturecraft last October.

In exchange for contributing moderate financial support for the IEA, as a Friend you will a quarterly email Newsletter telling you about our events and what our members – most of whom are professional artists – are doing. You will also receive personal invitations to attend the Private Views for our Annual Open Exhibition and our Members’ Exhibitions.

In addition Friends will be given priority in signing up for the Workshops and other events run by the IEA throughout the year. The workshops in particular are always limited by number and often over-subscribed.

It is the policy of the IEA to develop further benefits for Friends as time goes by – with suggestions always being welcome.

The normal membership fee for becoming a Friend will be £20 per year, but if you are willing to be one of our first Friends by joining before 1st October this year we will ask to pay only £10 for the first full year. The membership year will run from 1st October each year and Friends will be sent a reminder when they need to renew their memberships.

To join and make your first payment, please complete the form below and make your subscription via the Paypal button.

And if you have friends who are similarly interested in the arts, why not pass this message on to them too.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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