Courier Service

Dedicated Artwork Courier Service between Holt and The Mall Galleries

South Hams Express Courier Service

In partnership with The Gallery Picturecraft in Holt and South Hams Express Courier Service, the IEA is pleased to be able to offer an affordable transport service for artworks between the South Hams Pick-up Point at The Gallery, Lees Yard, Holt NR25 6HS and any of the main exhibitions held in The Mall Galleries in London. 

South Hams Express are couriers approved by The Mall Galleries. They will be collecting work from Holt on specific days. To allow artists flexibility, storage in Holt will be handled by The Gallery, Picturecraft. 

The charges for this service will be collected in two stages. 1) South Hams Express 2) The Gallery, Picturecraft.  

Artists’ first point of contact will be with South Hams Express ( and they will take details of your work which is to be collected and will collect their carriage charges from you.

The carriage costs: will be: £20 + VAT (£24 in total) for the first work, and £6 + VAT (£7.20 in total) for each additional work, per journey.

Storage/ handling costs: On delivering your works to The Gallery, they will collect from you their charge which will be £8 per work, reduced to £6 per work for all Members of the IEA and also any Friends of the IEA

To give you an idea of a typical consignment of 3 works so you may compare prices, the total cost would be £62.40 for non-members and £56.40 for all IEA Members (Full, Associate or Provisional) and any Friend of the IEA.

The benefits of using this service are:

  1. You will only need to wrap each work in a single layer of bubble-wrap and label it on the outside with your name. Each individual work will, of course, need to be labelled in accordance with the rules of The Mall Galleries. All further wrapping and unwrapping will be dealt with for you.
  2. Your works will be insured at all times against loss in storage or in transit. Unfortunately, although the carriers and The Gallery will exercise reasonable care when handling paintings, damage cannot be covered. Note: you are advised to check the conditions of entry of any gallery to which you are sending your work since most will not accept liability for loss or damage. You may, therefore, wish to take out your own insurance.
  3. Once you have delivered your works to The Gallery you can leave everything else to the system and will be able to arrange for any unsold works to be returned to The Gallery using the same process.


 Entries for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters:

To launch this service we have arranged for submissions to this year’s ROI exhibition to be collected, both for ROI members and also other artists who have had their work pre-selected, from The Gallery, Picturecraft. To use this service:


1. Email South Hams Express ( as soon as you know what paintings are to be sent. Book your carriage in with them and pay their carriage charges.


2. Deliver you paintings, labelled as required by the IEA and wrapped in a single layer of bubble-wrap to The Gallery Picturecraft, Lees Yard, Holt NR25 6HS, on Monday 17th September between 10 am and 4 pm, and paying their storage/handling charges.


As there are a large number of artists in our region who submit works to the exhibitions held in The Mall Galleries, whether or not they are members of the IEA, we are expecting this to be a very popular service.


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