Annual Open Exhibition


The Annual Open Exhibition will be held at
The Gallery, Picturecraft, Lees Yard, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6HS

Key Dates Summary
Entry Deadline: 12 noon on Friday 20 September 2019
Preselection Notification: 12 noon, Friday 11 October
Artwork Delivery: 25 & 26 October –  10am to 4pm
Final Selection Notification: 12 noon, Monday 28 October
Collection of unaccepted works: 10am to 4pm, 29 & 30 October
Private View: Friday 1 November, 4pm to 7pm
Exhibition open to public: 2 to 11 November, 10am to 5pm, Tuesday 12 November, 10am to 2pm and Sundays 11am to 4pm
Collection of unsold work: Tuesday 12 November, 2pm to 4pm, and Wednesday 13 November, 10am to 4pm

The IEA is dedicated to promoting and supporting artists who live in East Anglia. This area is rather generously defined but is limited to the area set out on the IEA Map which you can view/download via the link below.


  1. Anyone who lives in the region of East Anglia may submit work for the exhibition. Postcode areas – PE, NR, IP, CB, CM, CO, SG and SS only.
  2. Artists should submit digital images of their work for Pre-Selection. Guidelines for photographing your work are given below.
  3. There is a non-refundable fee of £10 for each work submitted.
  4. All artists may submit up to three pieces of two-dimensional framed artwork, to include drawings, paintings, collage, etchings, linocuts, woodcuts or engravings. Neither photographic nor digital prints are allowed.
  5. No work may exceed 110 cm x 85 cm, including the frame. All frames must be of solid wood and strong enough to hold the work and allow for screw fixings to be inserted by the gallery. No unframed works will be accepted.
  6. Each work must have a label on the back, placed centrally at the bottom, stating the artist’s name, email address and telephone number, together with the title of the work, its medium and its on-the-wall price.
  7. No work copied from other artists can be accepted.
  8. All work must be available for sale. It will be assumed that the sale price includes the cost of the frame and commission. A commission of 40% for non-members of the IEA and 35% for members will be deducted by the IEA from the proceeds of sales. Please allow for these points when pricing your work. Your prices should include VAT if applicable. If you are VAT registered please provide a VAT number in the box provided in the entry form.
  9. Artists will be responsible for insuring their work. The IEA cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused.
  10. The decisions of the Selection Panels are final.
  11. Artists should be aware of the IEA’s Data Privacy Notice – see – and by submitting your entries you will be deemed to agree that any personal information or images you send will be held by the IEA and managed in accordance with the terms of that notice.

Guidelines for photographing your work for the online submission

  1. This advice is given for general guidance only. Please ask for help from someone who can photograph your work for you if you need to.
  2. Your work should be photographed in a neutral light, ideally ‘daylight’ or ‘white’ coloured artificial lights, set at an angle to the picture. Make sure that your work is lit as evenly as possible to avoid reflections or shadowing.
  3. Use a good quality camera, supported to prevent blurring. Position the picture, or zoom the camera lens, so that the image fills the viewfinder as far as possible. You should not include the frame in the photograph. It is normally satisfactory to allow the camera to focus automatically.
  4. Images submitted should be JPG or PNG and no larger than 5 MB, so you may need to resize them to approximately 1600 pixels wide. Image file names should not be too long and should not contain any invalid characters such as ‘ “ & % * ( ) < > / \ ~ # + =
  5. Check the quality of the image before submission. Please be aware that an ill-lit or blurred photograph of your work is likely to result in its failing Pre-Selection.

Agreement by you, as the Artist once completing your submission via the ENTER NOW link above.

I authorise the IEA to process, store, and utilise the data in my submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of my work can be freely used by the IEA and The Gallery for promotional and publicity purposes.

I have read and understood these terms and conditions and by submitting my application I accept and agree to observe all the above Conditions of Entry.

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