About the Institute of East Anglian Artists

History of the IEA

The IEA was formed in March 2012 by a group of four founder members led by Adrian Hill, the owner of the Gallery Picturecraft in Holt, North Norfolk, and Brian Ryder, a professional artist who is a member of the council of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

For generations there has been a strong tradition of fine art in eastern England, and the area continues to support a very large number of enthusiastic painting groups and individual artists. But to date there has been no single organisation which seeks to promote and support that enthusiasm through a society of national standing.

In October of 2012 an inaugural exhibition was held, showing work by invited artists, and Norman Lamb MP agreed to become the IEA’s patron. That first exhibition has been followed by Open Exhibitions in each of the following years to which all artists living in East Anglia have been invited to submit work. The paintings to be exhibited are chosen from those submitted by a Selection Panel which includes IEA members together with invited independent art experts.

To find out how artists become members of the IEA, use the becoming a member link.

The Object of the IEA is to advance the practice, appreciation and general understanding of the art of painting in any medium as practiced by artists who are resident in the area of East Anglia.  It represents both established and up-and-coming artists who live in that area, and includes amongst its members artists who are also members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and other national societies.

With its flagship events being the Annual Open Exhibitions, the IEA also organises a programme of other events, including exhibitions for its members and other activities open to all-comers. Many of Its members and supporters are individually involved in teaching painting and graphics through classes, master-classes and workshops, in various mediums and styles.

A non-profit-making organisation, the operation of the IEA is governed by a formal Constitution, a copy of which can be found by following the link below.

COUNCIL MEMBERS (as of January 2017)

Bob Brandt (President)
Andrew Dibben (Vice President)
Brian Ryder (Retired President)
Andrew King (Founding Member)
Mari French (Social Media Manager)
Jane Hodgson (Events)
Derek Blois (Marketing)
Kimberley Walker (Treasurer)
Mark Wilkins (Secretary)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS (as of January 2017)
Graham Webber
Mo Teeuw
Rosemary Carruthers
Emma Kate Hulett
John Patchett
Ian McManus
Mita Higton
Derek Blois
Bob Brandt
Andrew Dibben
Mari French
Jane Hodgson
Andrew King
Suzanne Lawrence
Brian Ryder
Kimberely Walker
Mark Wilkins


Becoming a Member of the IEA

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